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People love using Work-Happy

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of Work-Happy engages users at an emotional level. We tap into people's underlying emotions not just what they are thinking.

It's important that people enjoy using Work-Happy and get something valuable out of it. That’s why we’ve designed it to be easy to use, informative and intelligent.

With Work-Happy, seeing is believing. Get in touch and book a demo to see for yourself!

Intelligent coaching.

Our interactive coach-bot guides individuals through tried-and-tested coaching methodologies to help them explore and commit to action.

Audio resources.

We provide a series of audio coaching modules to deliver all the skills people need to manage themselves at work.

Personalised nudges.

Our platform will gently nudge your people with carefully crafted communications, to ensure they continue working to improve their happiness at work.


We offer a wealth of short, thought- provoking articles focused on improving your happiness, wellbeing and engagement at work.

91% of our users said they would like to have Work-Happy in their place of work.