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A wellbeing toolkit for everyone

Work-Happy provides a safe space for people to explore their feelings about work and encourages them to choose to do one thing differently. Whether there are things that are making them unhappy, they are frustrated and want to progress, or just want to keep a track of how they are feelings, Work-Happy provides the structure to work it all through.


Work-Happy enables you to monitor how you are feeling across five key dimensions of workplace happiness. Quick and easy check-ins allow you to track how things are changing as regularly as you'd like.


Work-Happy uses intelligent reflective questioning to help you work through how you are feeling and identify the real impact of your current situation and explore possibilities for change.


Work-Happy encourages you to commit to doing one small thing differently and challenges you to explore the consequences of doing nothing. Personal accountability is at the heart of our approach.


Because it's always there, you can update Work-Happy as often as you like to keep track of what’s changed in your world, reflect on what you appreciate most and think things through.

82% reveal Work-Happy prepared them to have more honest conversations with their manager about how they were really feeling.

“I actually took the time to properly reflect on who I am now and what I actually want from work.”