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How 15 minutes can make a difference

15 minutes. Enough time to make a cuppa, check social media, make a quick phone call. All important stuff, but 15 minutes is actually a magic amount of time to make a real difference to your day, heck to your life! The key to unlocking this difference is structure. If we plan 15 minutes into our day and structure its purpose, we can get so much from it -particularly at work. Our top tips are below:

Take a 15-minute holiday!

Find a place where you can get away from your desk for 15 minutes and go there. Churches, department stores, coffee shops, a park, a bench, a wander down a residential street. Just the feeling of getting away from work, from your desk and getting some fresh air. Hearing different noises and observing life outside the office will leave you revived and refreshed for the rest of the day. If you enjoy that place, make it ‘your go to place’ when you need a break. If it’s a park, you’ll notice different things over time as we pass through the seasons, experience different weather and time of day. If it’s a department store, you’ll see different displays come and go. This change in pace, in energy and environment is really important to plug into your week and will help you to take some time just for you, but not so much that you feel you are ‘missing in action’. It’s a much-needed break without the stress of being away for a whole lunch.


Go and grab a cuppa and then more importantly, some water! Staying hydrated is really important for your work wellbeing but also gives you opportunity for one of those water cooler moments when you run into a colleague and enjoy some light-hearted chat. Sharing a moment together will give you both a boost and put the spring back in your step.

Stretch your legs

If you can’t make it out of the office, at least find the time to stretch your legs. Have a walk around the office, or use the stairs and go up and down a couple of flights. Go and visit a friend or colleague in another department. Just getting away from your desk, using your muscles and giving your eyes a break from your screen will do you the power of good.

Log into Work-Happy

If your organisation has Work-Happy, 15 minutes once a week is all you need to get the best from it. In that time, you can take a journey, or review where you are at, set yourself a task, read a blog or listen to an audio coaching session. In that time, you could have literally changed your work world!

So instead of whiling away lots of 15 minutes without even thinking about them, plan and structure at least one block once a week and see what a difference it makes.