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Why work happy counts

It can feel like we’re constantly being bombarded with new ways to improve our lives. Plant based diets, couch to 5k’s, less booze, be more mindful, be more environmentally aware. Be happy. Now there’s a big beast – happiness. We all know that happiness counts.

It’s what we are all striving for, it’s how we’re wired up as humans, working towards achieving the thing that we believe will make us happy. For some, their ‘happy’ could be finding a relationship, for others it might be having children, many people strive for a big house, a fast car, or maybe it’s none of those things at all? Maybe it’s going off grid and living a simple life? Maybe it’s travelling the world? Maybe it’s succeeding in their dream career? Once we achieve the happy, do we need to create a new vision? If we don’t achieve – have we failed? Are we then unhappy by default? Happiness can be complicated, overly complicated and we are all guilty of pinning too much on it…

So, let’s move onto what we actually mean by happy. When a child is happy they are vocal, energetic, smiley – it’s easy to see they are ‘happy’. As adults we reach this state too – a night out with good friends, a comedy show, an exciting event but these are short moments of heightened emotion, perhaps a better description is joy. Joy heightens our senses, lifts our mood, filling our souls with warmth. Joy is loud, energetic and short lived. Happiness on the other hand, is a much quieter animal. It’s a more sustained feeling of everything being in in alignment and one which has more lasting benefits. When we are content, we are more resilient and better able to cope with the stuff that life has a habit of throwing at us. Everything is easier when you are contented. You feel good – emotionally and physically. It’s that feeling of ‘I’ve got this’.

Let’s move onto work. Work happiness is such an important component of our overall happiness, after all, we spend such a large proportion of our time working and as a society, we are working for more years than ever before. It would be very short sighted if we didn’t actively focus on how we are feeling at and about work and if we didn’t take ownership of making it the best it could be. Here at Work-Happy, we believe that when you remove the things that make you unhappy, you leave yourself in a neutral state to then achieve the things that you want. The things that are making you unhappy can actually be really small, but the important thing is identifying what they are and why they are making you unhappy. Setting a plan and picking off one at a time, the act of changing one small thing at a time soon adds up to something that makes real traction in our work happiness. From here, you can reach for the stars (if you want to!).

We all owe it to ourselves to feel the best that we can at work. When we are work happy, we give more. More to ourselves and more to our employer. It’s win win.